What are Crack Cookies?

Sugar Cookies with sprinkles, white chocolate chips & confetti chips.

Are you able to make a cookie that’s not listed?

Yes I can as long as I have a 2 week in advance notice so I can do a test trial. 

Do I offer variety packs?

Yes I have several Variety packs to choose from.

How soon in advance should/can orders be placed?

All orders should be placed 2 weeks in advance.

Shipping times.

Shipping times are 3-4 days or Next Day

Minimum/Maximum custom order requirements

Minimum- 1 Dozen

Maximum- 20 Dozens

Business Hours & Days

Thursday - Sunday 7am-5pm

Timeframe for response after a customer send email, text, call, or place order.

24 - 48 Hours

Do you ever have Premade Cookies?

Premade cookies get uploaded Thursday - Sunday after 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Do you make any special cookies for people with allergies? Or gluten free?

Unfortunately I do not make special cookies for people with allergies or gluten free.

Can they buy just the cookie dough (custom as well)?

I plan to start selling cookie dough by spring hopefully, I will only start out with about 6-8 Flavors.